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We want every patient to come to their dental visit with absolute peace of mind that everything in our office, right down to the very air they breathe, meets even the most rigorous of patient health and infection control standards.

The Importance of Orthodontics
Ann Arbor, MI

Woman with braces from Ann Arbor, MIOral health is very important, even if it is not at the forefront of your thoughts. Orthodontics is a very important part of ensuring you have the best possible oral health. Seeing an orthodontist, as well as a dentist, is always recommended in order to ensure your teeth and mouth are as healthy as possible.

Unfortunately, many people believe they only need to go in for a checkup if they are in pain, but this is not the case. Coming to see us can help prevent any problems from occurring in the future. Everwell Dentistry is here to help and we want to share with you the importance of orthodontic care.

Why Go to an Orthodontist?

Seeing an orthodontist means you are trying to figure out a way to straighten your teeth. In fact, the reason for straighter teeth goes far beyond having a better looking smile. What many do not realize is that straighter teeth also means healthier teeth. When teeth are left overlapping or crooked, the debris and bacteria around the mouth get stuck in those tiny spaces. This means that teeth are more likely to decay or form cavities. When someone gets straighter teeth, they reduce their chances of developing cavities and increase their ability to have a healthier mouth.

It is also important to note that both adults and children can benefit from seeing an orthodontist. While children are typically the ones imagined when someone thinks about braces, it certainly is not a problem for an adult to get the same procedure. There are also clear braces or aligners such as Invisalign that can help straighten the teeth without as obvious of treatment. This means adults can get a straighter smile without the worry of a mouth full of metal.

Orthodontic Care as Adults

When an adult comes in for care, they often want to be able to straighten their teeth without it being super obvious each time they open their mouths. While an adult’s mouth can still benefit from traditional metal braces, the look is often something adults want to avoid. In most cases, clear aligners are the better option. They allow for the process of teeth straightening to happen over the course of 6-18 months in most cases, without the worry of smiling and showing off that orthodontic care is even happening.

Orthodontic treatments are safe, effective, and completely discreet. It is ideal for anyone with mild oral spacing issues or crooked teeth. Misaligned dentition can leave you facing pain when chewing and even when resting. That is something that an orthodontist can help with in most cases.

Call Us Today and Let Us Help

Do not be afraid of broaching the topic of straighter teeth. If you have even doubts about how it would feel or what it would be like, you can call (734) 973-0000 and reach us at Everwell Dentistry. This way you can book a visit with one of our professionals and understand if you need orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth.

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The Importance of Orthodontics | Everwell Dentistry - Ann Arbor
Curious about the Importance of Orthodontics? Everwell Dentistry is committed to your complete oral health and radiant smile! Our skilled professionals will invest time listening to your concerns.
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